Joyce Lott Joyce Lott is the author of A Teacher's Stories: Reflections on High School Writers, Dear Mrs. Dalloway, and An Unexpected World. She lives in Rocky Hill, NJ. Her essays, poems, and stories have appeared in Journal of NJ Poets, Kalliope, Ms. Magazine, The Paterson Literary Review, The Times, The Writer's Chronicle and other journals. She is a member of the writing and performance group Cool Women Poets.


Heron To The Great Blue Heron

Teach me to stand alone in cold water, to wait
poised for nourishment to drift my way

Show me how to bend my legs
so I move deliberately, looking neither right nor left

Teach me how to swallow without chewing,
to hold a fish in my gullet until its scales become wings

Show me how to puff down into a secret
so only those who know me can find me

Teach me how to open my wings and fly,
unexpected and perfect, a crone in the sky

Joyce Greenberg Lott